Joining our church family

If God is leading you to put your trust in Christ for Salvation, following the Lord in baptism, or becoming a member, here a few ways you can respond:

  1. Visit with one of our pastors during the response time (typically after the sermon) at the end of the worship service.
  2. Fill out the Welcome portion of the bulletin, place it in the offering plate or take it out to the welcome center. A pastor or church leader will contact you shortly. You can also fill out this form at
  3. Call, text, or email Pastor James or any of our Pastors and make an appointment.
  4. Attend a Newcomers class scheduled regularly throughout the year. Contact any of our pastors for more information about the next scheduled class.

Joining our church membership can be initiated by simply contacting any of our church staff and sharing your desire to join our church. Next, you can expect a visit with one of our pastors, who’ll lead you through the rest of the process depending on if you choose to join by baptism, letter, or statement of faith.